Revising the plan

Well, as it sometimes goes with advance planning, we're now in process of revisions.

I am re-directing my spring-summertime creative planning energies into a dreamy mission to coordinate a Cincinnati workshop with author and dreamer, Robert Moss. He will be facilitating his fabulous workshop, "The Healing Power of Story," to a lucky group of participants on June 6-7, 2009.

I have been participating in his Online Dream Course since May 2008, during which time I have dreamed with men and women from all over the world, from Germany to Canada to Australia to states coast to coast in the US. The power of the dreams and the profound lessons available by recalling, sharing and acting upon them is nothing short of mind boggling. I attended one of Robert's weekend workshops, live and in person, in Mystic, Ct. in November, and we determined that midwest dreamers deserve a workshop of their own. Based largely (of course) upon a very vivid and memorable dream I'd had several months earlier in which I dreamed that Robert Moss was in my very own town, I felt compelled to nurture this mission. And so I am.

Fear not! The Sacred Gathering is not defunct, only gathering new and juicy offerings. Early next year, we'll choose a new date to manifest our sacredness - probably in fall 2009 - an excellent time to dangle from and/or wish on trees, paint furniture, dream, laugh and play together!

Meanwhile, I invite you all to DREAM with me!
*Learn more about Robert Moss, his books and courses at
*Consider joining the online dream forum, sponsored by Spirituality & Health magazine, when a fresh, new course begins in January 2009.
*Be the first to register for the Cincinnati workshop, "The Healing Power of Story," and get his recently released hardcover book, The Secret History of Dreaming, FREE. To register, email or call me, Robin, at 513-659-3356. More info can be found here.Numbered List


Save the Dates!

MAY 15-17, 2009

Do something GOOD for yourself!

Save time to gather with like-souled women this spring!

We will LAUGH, dream, climb trees, wander,
, dance, sing, write, PLaY, wish, stretch, and
commune with nature and the deepest essence of our feminine selves!

WHERE: One Osprey Lane, Glendale, OH

HOW: email Robin at

FEE: $125, includes food & supplies for weekend activities

Limited to 20 women -
reserve your place and begin enjoying the anticipation today!