Glendale's Laughter Yoga Club - FREE!!

When: Every MONDAY 12:00 - 12:45

Where: The Scout House at Harry Whiting Brown Community Center
Corner of Sharon Rd. and Willow Rd
Glendale, OH 45246

What: Laughter Yoga is a joyful and healthy EXERCISE
for ANYONE, based on sound scientific principles
something all children know: It feels good!

Each session includes:
*clapping *breathing * laughing * meditation

Benefits include:
*aerobic exercise *immunity *FUN!

“Laughter is an instant vacation.” ~Milton Berle

DreamTalk tonight

I know what I'll be doing before my head hits the pillow for dreamtime tonight...

"On the Way to the Peak of Normal" airs LIVE TONIGHT MAY 28 between 10PM and Midnight EST, at 88.3 FM, WAIF Cincinnati, or online at or follow the link from

Tonight's special guest will be Robert Moss, a gifted raconteur, writer, and dreamer. Robert will share the importance of tapping into the "three only things" of dreams, coincidence and imagination. He will also talk about his most recent book, The Secret History of Dreaming, a book that "restores a missing dimension to our understanding of what drives the human adventure: the vital role of dreams and imagination in science and literature, war and religion, medicine and the survival of our kind. History without the inner side is as shallow as history without economics, and as boring as history without sex. This book makes history fun. On the foundation of decades of original scholarly research and synthesis, it eloquently delivers the necessary past: the lessons that can help us create a better future."

Following the Interview, the show will be devoted to music inspired directly by dreams and visions.

Moss describes himself as “a dream teacher, on a path for which there has been no career track in our culture.” He identifies the great watershed in his adult life as a sequence of visionary events that unfolded in 1987-1988, after he decided to leave the world of big cities and the fast-track life of a popular novelist (already the author of four New York Times bestsellers) and put down roots on a farm in the upper Hudson Valley of New York. Moss started dreaming in a language he did not know that proved to be an archaic form of the Mohawk language. Helped by native speakers to interpret his dreams, Moss came to believe that they had put him in touch with an ancient healer – a woman of power – and that they were calling him to a different life.

Out of these experiences he wrote a series of historical novels (The Firekeeper, Fire Along the Sky, The Interpreter) and developed the practice he calls Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of contemporary dreamwork and shamanic methods of journeying and healing. A central premise of Moss’s approach is that dreaming isn’t just what happens during sleep; dreaming is waking up to sources of guidance, healing and creativity beyond the reach of the everyday mind.He introduced his method to an international audience as an invited presenter at the conference of the Association for the Study of Dreams at the University of Leiden in 1994.

Find out more about Robert Moss at

Almost Story Time

Honestly, I am looking forward to this workshop for myself because I am dying to find out the answer to the question posed by the prolific Robert Moss - "What BIG story is hunting YOU?" - or in this case (to be totally selfish) ME.

I love the image of all of us down here in our earthly world being stalked by some great big mythical entity in the sky called "Story" -- and that there are billions of 'em scampering and floating about -one for each of us. I imagine them as these hazy aura kaleidoscope lights, growing ever-more flustered (albeit often, too, amused) trying to be seen and known by each and every one of us. "What is their problem?" I can hear them bemoaning - "We just want 'em to Live their Story - why must they make it so difficult?"

So, the workshop will be June 5 and 6, which means it's almost StoryTime and I'm getting jazzed. I'm flustered and frustrated with myself, too - y'mean it's true that everything I ever really needed to know I learned in kindergarten? Back then, I could sit quietly, listening to stories and entering its imaginal reality. Back then, I thrilled to every word on every page, whether listening or reading. Back then, I played, danced, did somersaults, clapped for myself, sang out loud, laughed when I was happy, cried when I was sad. I think the Story Beings I picture preying on us from the sky really just want to help take us back to what matters most.

Perhaps as I do all my really important grown-up work to properly promote Robert's workshop and find the others who are ready to tap into their own BIGGER stories, I am also getting symbolic story clues leading me along the path to my own Once Upon a Time...

For questions or to register, contact me at 53-659-3356 or email

What BIG Story is hunting YOU?

All of us are living a STORY. What BIG Story is hunting YOU? 

If we fail to define ourselves, we let ourselves be defined by others.
All of us are living a story. If we don’t know what it is, it’s likely to be a little, limiting story, woven from past disappointments, stitched tight by people forever telling us who we are, what we can and cannot accomplish.

Great healing becomes available when we draw on the immense energy generated by serving a larger purpose. We gain courage and stamina to get through the ups & downs of daily life, aware that we’re acting in a deeper drama.

Australian Aborigines say that the BIG stories are hunting the right people to tell them, like predators stalking in the bush. The trick is to put ourselves in a place where the BIG stories can find us. In this weekend of creative play, we’ll let the BIG stories hunt us, and learn to embody their power and healing in our lives.

We’ll explore and perform some of the BIG stories from myth and literature...

*The Japanese story of the sun goddess who hid her light because she was abused, and how she was coaxed back...
*The Gnostic story of the forgetful envoy sent into this world on a vital mission, but forgot what it was...
*Dante’s story of how we approach our truest life teacher by knocking on the heart.

From dreams and shared journeys, spontaneous theatre and entertainments, we’ll harvest personal stories, charged with energy and meaning, becoming the authors of our own life scripts!

Workshop Info:
Location: Women Writing for (a) Change 6906 Plainfield Rd. Cin, Oh 45236
Time: Sat June 6, 10-5 Sun June 7, 10-4
Cost: $225 before 5/15/09; $275 after. Write check to “Robert Moss.” Mail to Robin O’Neal 1 Osprey Ln Cin OH 45246

REGISTER: Contact Robin 513.659.3356
or email