Almost Story Time

Honestly, I am looking forward to this workshop for myself because I am dying to find out the answer to the question posed by the prolific Robert Moss - "What BIG story is hunting YOU?" - or in this case (to be totally selfish) ME.

I love the image of all of us down here in our earthly world being stalked by some great big mythical entity in the sky called "Story" -- and that there are billions of 'em scampering and floating about -one for each of us. I imagine them as these hazy aura kaleidoscope lights, growing ever-more flustered (albeit often, too, amused) trying to be seen and known by each and every one of us. "What is their problem?" I can hear them bemoaning - "We just want 'em to Live their Story - why must they make it so difficult?"

So, the workshop will be June 5 and 6, which means it's almost StoryTime and I'm getting jazzed. I'm flustered and frustrated with myself, too - y'mean it's true that everything I ever really needed to know I learned in kindergarten? Back then, I could sit quietly, listening to stories and entering its imaginal reality. Back then, I thrilled to every word on every page, whether listening or reading. Back then, I played, danced, did somersaults, clapped for myself, sang out loud, laughed when I was happy, cried when I was sad. I think the Story Beings I picture preying on us from the sky really just want to help take us back to what matters most.

Perhaps as I do all my really important grown-up work to properly promote Robert's workshop and find the others who are ready to tap into their own BIGGER stories, I am also getting symbolic story clues leading me along the path to my own Once Upon a Time...

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